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    PSU Fans

    Recently I decided to put a new fan into my Power Supply. Being the moron I am I completely tore out the wires that power the fan. I want to put the default fan back in, so is there any way to reattach the fans wires?

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    was it a little two prong connector? If so, just find the two prongs on the circut board and plug i in, If the wires were actually soldered to the board. . . all you can do is take it apart, stick the wiers in the right spot and then solder it back.
    If it was soldered in there, i suggest just having a fan wire comming out of PSU and plugging into a molex connector, or even the mobo. I don't think the fan has to be connected to the PSU board for it to work.

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    Its currently connected to the motherboard. I think once I recieve my new fans I will fix it.

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