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Thread: baby at board?

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    baby at board?

    I'm about to get a whole new setup, and sell my old one to a friend. The problem is, it's got a terrible PCchips M726 mobo in it. Everything else is pretty quality. I want to maybe get a new mobo for him so I don't feel guilty when he has lockups and poor performance. This thing is a baby AT form factor though... What else can fit? I ran a PII450 in it, now I run a Celly/Slocket combo that is 600, should go to 900 (but I can only get 700 out of it, board is not stable over 75mhz fsb, that's the other reason...)

    I've seen several babyAT boards that seem nice around on ebay and stuff, but don't know anything specific. Any ideas? I'm only selling the whole thing for $150, so the less I pay for it the better. Used is fine too.


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    OK, I just heard that a MicroATX is the same as a BabyAT, is this true? If so, I'm all set, found this MSI board for cheap on ebay that has good specs.

    Someone please confirm this for me!

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    Sorry, it isn't that simple. Baby AT and micro ATX are pretty close in size, but all ATX mobo's have the ports integral to the motherboard, and the case has to have the holes for them to slip through. AT cases do not have these holes, and it is generally more trouble than it is worth to modify the case to make an ATX board work. And the power supplies are different, though they are easy enough to swap.
    Super socket 7 mobos and AMD K6-2+ and K6-3+ CPU's are probably the best combo that will fit an unmodified AT case, and they aren't all that great. Maybe no better than what you have in it now as far as benchmarks are concerned. If he is willing to pay that, it sounds fair. But you might mention that it is basically the end of the line as far as upgrading is concerned unless he buys a new ATX case.
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