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    total newb, need help w/ heatsink fan

    i have a sk-7 and a vantec tornado. on the sk-7 site, they say its stock fan is 80x80x38..thats what my tornado is. but i can't fit the d** thing on! i have no clue what i'm doing, i can't find any pictures and it didn't come with an installation manual. can anyone point me in the direction of pics of how to put a fan on this hulk of copper...and what is the order for installing a heatsink on a cpu given these steps: this correct?

    1. take chip off mobo (i would rather not..but if i gotta..)
    2. put fan on heatsink
    3. apply as3 to heatsink, then little on chip
    4. clip heatsink onto chip
    5. put back on mobo if needed

    assuming i dont need to lap it..

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    go to a search engine and look for it. Trust me it's there

    That's how i installed my AX-7 and SLK-800
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    ya i found pics...but i still don't have instructions on what to install first. i'll look again. and the pics didn't help, i was just stupid i had the cage on the fan and holders wouldn't go on. i'll look for instructions again. stupid me hehe

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    The end of the clips go into the little holes in the HS.

    Assemble your HSF first.
    Apply just enough AS3 on the core to lightly cover the entire core.
    You can also apply a very light coat of AS3 on the bottom of the HS if you want, I never do.
    Seat your processor on the mobo.
    Install your HSF.

    I never remove the mobo from the case but if you did, then your last step would be to put the mobo back in the case and connect all cables/wires.
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    You want to leave the chip in the socket while you add the HSF.

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    I would pull the mobo since you are admittadly(sp) a newbie. That way you can be certain that the HS is seated properly. Oh and do like maxima said just enough AS-3 to cover the core with a thin layer. I always put a little on the hs and then wipe it clean with a lint free cloth to fill any divits. I dont think you will need to lap the sk-7. It comes with a pretty good surface from the factory.

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