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    Geforce 3 passive heatsink idea's

    The fan on my Geforce 3 has started attacking up making to much noise. Is it possible to get my Geforce 3 run with a passive heatsink.

    What kinda heatsink should i use or try to mod it fit on the card.
    Any ideas?

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    I would say trying to Glue an SK6 on it. It's profile isn't that high and with some good airflow in the case should be enough to passively cool it.
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    ZM80-HP would do it but expensive

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    I know visiontek used to make passive TI4200's for the OEM market, so I'm sure you can get yours running correclty with passive cooling too. Just make sure you have good airflow in the case, and you use a nice beffy heatsink.
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