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    W/C system using water?

    I've got a kit from Danger Den. It's their Maze3 block, Black Ice Extreme radiator, Eheim 1250 pump, and their cylindrical clear acrylic resivoir. The res is a few inches in diameter, about 4-5 inches tall. I've got it setup right before the pump intake
    like so:

               |<---Fill Tube
    ---------|    |
             |    |
             |    |------[ pump ]
    This setup "uses" water. I've got the res almost as the highest point in the system, I can't go higher because of where this is places. With the fill tube,
    I can make that water level the higest in the system. When I do so, the system
    will eventuall bleed all or nearly all of the air and the res will be clear. In about a day, the water in the fill tube will drop several inches. Eventually it will drop down to the level of the res, and some air gets sucked into the pump intake side. It's been doing this consistently for a couple of weeks. I tried pluging the fill tube, but I hade to hack a plug by taping of one end of an elbow and using that. It didn't seem to slow down the water decrease.

    Finally, it's REALLY dry where I live (Santa Fe, NM). Could this just be evaporation? I checked everywhere for leaks, but I'm afraid I've got a slow leak that's eveaporating before I can see it and it'll get worse one day.


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    try cutting out a piece of newspaper and setting it under the reservior and the pump. It should show signs of water contact, wether it dries out or not.

    If this still don't capture the evidence, try bagging the res and the pump with the newpaper inside for a few hours in loose sandwich bags. No matter how low the humidity, that will find it.

    If you used any hose clamps (automotive worm-screw type), they have a tendancy to bunch up the softer tubing like silicone where the band goes up under the screw, you could loosen them some. There shouldn't be any tubing poking out of the "thread" slots.

    Lastly, look around the threaded holes that hold the hose barbs in the acrylic of the res. Make sure that there are no teeny tiny cracks around the fitting's threads.

    Hope ya catch it in the act, so you can stop it!
    And lastly, but not leastly, Welcome to the forums!

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