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    A7V BIOS - What version are you running?

    What BIOS version are people here running on the Asus A7V? Like to here you're thoughts on issues, improvements, etc. with newer BIOS versions.

    I'm still with the version that shipped with the board (1004?).

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    I tried the newest one and went back to the original 1004 . I had problem's with it find ata100 and my sblaster live card of all thing, I probaly could have fixed it all but this version works fine for me!

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    I'm using version 1005B right now, and my system has never been more stable...
    I was one of the first people to get the rev1.02 A7V, and I think I started at bios version 1002 or so...went to 1003 and tried C (worked well enough), 1004C and 1004D (D was very stable), decided against 1005A because I heard some bad things about it, and am currently using 1005B

    The only reason I haven't switched to 1005C yet is I heard some negative things about it...think I'll wait for 1005D

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