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Thread: Modem squeal

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    Modem squeal

    I have installed a conexant generic modem driver i can connect without any prob's but the modem makes a squealing noise as if it is constantly handshaking with my ISP any help please.

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    Try turning down the modem speaker volume:

    Control Panel > Phone and Modem Options > Modems Tab > Select your modem and hit properties > Modem Tab > and set the speaker volume to a good level.

    Is that what you were looking for?

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    if you are asking that your modem keeps handshaking for a long time and no connection is established than you might want to check your line for any line disturbance or noise, there if there is any chances of a clean connection are very slim and your modem will act like an ass

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    No i'am using the modem now there is just a constant squeal coming from the modem even with speaker vol down anymore suggestions please I think it is driver related it is a conexant modem with chipset no RS56/sp or r6793-17 running on winme thanks

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    just had the same problem with the same brand of modem on a customers computer last night... that machine used XP Home, but it ended up being a driver issue... make SURE you're using the right/newest drivers, and if that still doesnt work, uninstall everything even related to the modem, shutdown, pull modem out, stick it in a different PCI slot, and reinstall it with the right drivers.. fixed it for me..
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