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    What is my -12 volt line for? Also software to monitor it...

    I am getting some strange numbers on that line while everything else is stable. And apart from MBM5, I have not been able to find a prog that will monitor that line.

    So what does it do for my system if it is not important for most progs to monitor it? And if it does anything why would my system work at all with such huge voltage swings?

    If it helps my voltages are:

    +3.3.... 3.18.... 3.23.... 3.23

    ..+5..... 4.81.... 4.92.... 4.89

    .+12... 12.22.. 12.46.. 12.44

    .-12.. -16.20.. -3.37... -7.37

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    The -12v line is used for the serial ports and the game port. Nothing else.

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    OK. But I have nothing running on that line. So why should I see voltage swings there?

    I am wondering if MBM5 is a good program and I want to find something which would either confirm or deny the readings that I am seing....

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    MBM5 is great. You voltage swings could be caused by the incorrect sensor being used to monitor the rail.
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    How do you determine wich sensor to use?

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    personaly i have never seen a -12v line at -12v. I always see it vary from like -1v to over-20, i really dont think its that important.
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    The reason the -12 volt line has big swings is because it is unloaded.
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