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    Where to buy CPU w/ desired stepping

    I am looking for a site that will sell the cpus with the stepping or product codes or somthing so that i can buy the exact one that i want, does anyone know one of these sites?


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    Minneapolis, MN will sometimes list CPU steppings, but you pay a premium for the stepping you want as opposed to just one out of the tray.

    If you're looking fora particular stepping, I'd recommend computer sale shows or brick & mortar stores, where you can look through their CPU's before you buy.

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    To be able to buy a specific stepping, you'll need to go to stores that sell them or to computer shows like sickboy said.

    I don;t know of any online vendors that will pick and choose a specific stepping for you.
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    I go to computer shows. They have all the processors sitting in glass cases or easy viewing.

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    You may be best paying your local computer vendor a visit, you may pay slightly more for the CPU than online, but they will usually let you choose the CPU you want from what they have. I have had only good experience doing this in the past.
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