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    Angry Help finding a decent sound card

    I had not even a reply in my other thread on the sound section, so maybe a post here will do the trick...

    I just got these new speakers:

    Right now I'm running soe stupid pos sound card with just one output and the sound isn't that great, so I'm looking for something with more channels...

    I came accross this card selling in my home town for 39.99
    Like here...

    Anyways, whatcha all think? it's the cheapest card I could find, and it sounds decent...

    edit: Oh yeah, my speakers, plugs that plug into the sound card outputs come in 2 flavors for the front and the rear (just 2), but in the sound carda bove, I beleive they have alot more outputs...

    Should I be looking for like a cheap 20 dollar card with a rear and normal output instead?

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    Take a look at this one. I have this card, and it is very decent. Great sound quality... maybe better than the SB Live!. And, best of all, it is very reasonably priced.

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