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    This is kinda cool....

    Ok here's how it goes... My ISDN (128k over digital connection with 2 lines) isn't working right now due to the crappy ISP so I switched over to 56k.. I put my 56k modem in and just now I installed the correct drivers for it after using it for a full day. Well I didn't feel like restarting so when I went to connect again, the 56k modem wasn't set up and it picked up the ISDN modem and connected. I went, this is cool now I can throw away that noisy slow connecting 56k modem (It connected in about 5 seconds just like ISDN). So just for kicks I went and checked what I was connected at on cnet. It said 50k.
    So I continued to browse and noticed both lines were being used on my idsn modem (it does this when 70%+ bandwidth is being used) and thought hmm. I checked the bandwidth meter again and it showed up at 100k! I immediatly jumped off knowing they will drop my account for using 2 56k connections at once. I had forgot to turn auto (2 channel) off on the modem....
    If they don't disconnect the account I may have just found myself a cheaper than $34 ISP at $4.95.
    I just found this quite intresting and I'm not sure if I'm breaking any rules on the forum (but I know I'm close). If anyone got what I meant throughout that paragraph I commend you... hehe
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    Heh, you can get 2 diff acounts and use 2 phone lines, isdn is pretty much the same deal, of course you would be payiing $10 instead of 35. Some dialup isps permit more than one connect on the login, you would have to find that out the hard way, howerver

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    Well thats interesting. Probably your ISP wouldn't like something like that (assuming they try to detect something like that).

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