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    My Ge2 32mb is beating my Radeon 7000 64mb?

    Im radeon 7000 64mb is loosing to Geforce 2 mx 400 32Mb in 3DMark. It has very low fps (8-17) in the first test where the Ge2 has 30-40fps. I have slightly overclocked the Ge2, but i cant make sense of this.

    I have all the similar settings on/off although there are a few different ones with the Radeon.This is what I have set:

    screen rsolution: 800x800 16 bit
    DPI 96
    60hz refresh rate
    Full hardware accel
    enable write combining "on"
    Direct 3D

    wait for vertical sync "off"
    W buffer support "on"
    compressed texture format "on"
    alternate pixel center "off"
    Z buffer depths "16"
    antialiasing "off"
    dithering " disabled"
    Open GL

    convert 32bit to 16 bit "on"
    enable page flipping " off"
    disable dithering when alpha blending "off"
    full scene antialising " disabled"
    level of detail " 100% sharp"
    asiotropic texture f iltering " disabled"
    KTX buffer region extension "on"
    force 16 bit buffer "off"
    wait for vertical syc "off"
    texture compression "on"

    Im positive Ive made a mistake here somewhere..but its beyond my knowledge..any help would be great. I can provide more info as needed.


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    Could be the drivers on the 7000 are crap, those old drivers from ati had a lot of probs, but in my opionion, its just because geforce kills radeon anyday...but most wouldnt agree with me on that one.


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    I didnt use the driver that came with the card, i downloaded a winXP compatable one from a driver site..perhaps I should try a new driver

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    if you have other options try some other drivers, see if that helps...


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    Wheres heres the score so far

    Ge2 : 2465 in 3dmark
    7000: 1302 in 3dmark

    pretty sad if you ask me 8(

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    Yes i would say so...Do you have the money to upgrade? i like my MSI geforce Ti4200, that and the ti4200 by abit are nice cards, and i hear a lot of good things about the radeon 9000 if u want to go that way, might want to just consider upgrading, even 2465 is pretty low for todays needs...

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    This is just for my backup comp/first OC attempt, so it would'nt be really useful to me to upgrade this to much. Im also limited to PCI slot on this one.

    As of now I have tried 5 different drivers to no avail, I guess ill keep my eye open for something different. Ill likely go back to the trusty ole Ge2

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    Hmmm im sorry i couldnt do more for ya, but thats about all i can think of, maybe the gf is just a better card, i don tknow much about ati's...but i do know that the drivers were weird, but that doesnt seem to be the problem, yeah i guess just go for that gf...there are some sweet cards out there for around 35 bucks that will probably outpreform those cards, i cant remeber them i saw a tread about it somwhere in the video card section you could check there, but other than that i dont know what else to tell ya.


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    Try Installing the Newest Catalyist drivers from ATI. Also make sure you have the newest VIA 4in1s if you have a VIA chipset. How are you running these tests(Fresh format....)? I suggest formatting and installing the newest drivers because that might just be it.
    Keep in mind My RAGE FURY PRO gets about 1500, at the speeds in my sig so there has to be something wrong.

    EDIT: Is the ATI card PCI and the GF2 AGP?
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    Just to let you know, the Radeon 7000 is a horrible card. It only has 1 pipeline, compared to the GeForce2's 2 pipelines and it has no hardware T&L. Get rid of the Radeon and keep the GeForce!

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    as quegy said the 7000 has NO hardware T&L it is far more comparable to the Geforce2 MX200 than it is to the 400....i am sorry that you purchased this card

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    The 7000 isn't supposed to be a 3D card, its just meant to be a nice desktop card that could do a little 3D if you needed it. Its 3dmark performance is really irrelevant to its purpose.


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    Thanks for the help guys!

    I have been playing around with it a touch..Ive noticed it does do somethings a tad better than the GE2..but for online gaming it seems to suck quite well. Ive tried all the aforementioned drivers etc, I have also downloaded a tweak prog..slight improvement.maybe

    I think what I may do is just run a second screen with it, and use the ge2 for gaming etc, if i ca figure out how to do that 8)

    Happy new year!


    EDIT: they are both PCI cards

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    the radeon7000 is like the "vanta" of Nvidia. a good 2-d card but inadequate for gaming.

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