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    Low 3dmark with high end gear

    Sorry to make a post that might come off like it belongs in the gripes and moans section, but I really take this as a serious concern.

    To begin here are the specs of the machine in question, as of right now:

    Abit KD7 motherboard (KT400, AGP 8X)
    AMD Athlon XP 2400+ @ 2.11ghz
    ATI Radeon 9700 Pro (built by ati), Catalyst 3.0 drivers, DirectX 9
    256MB Samsung PC3200 DDR (Cas 3)
    Sound Blaster Audigy Gamer
    Realtek NIC
    20gb 7200rpm hd
    40x12x48x LiteOn CDRW
    32x CDROM
    350w Allied PSU
    Windows XP Professional

    At this configuration I am getting barely 11k when I overclock my video card.

    For some reason though, when I first bought the Radeon 9700Pro I was using an ASUS A7V333 with 256 PC2700 and an AMD XP 1700+, and without overclocking anything was able to get damn near 13k.

    I just want to know why with all of this much better equipment, not to mention the fact that I'm actually using the card's AGP 8X capability, I'm barely able to squeak out a score thats thousands of 3dmarks shy of what I was getting with the crappier equipment.

    I've tried installing the new 4in1 drivers, I made sure vsync was off, made sure there was not a trace of anything remotely unnecessary running in the background, I made sure my monitor refresh was at 85hz (the most for this res I get) which really shouldn't affect it too much. And I of course made sure AA and AF were off. Any clues guys?

    I'm a classic overclocker, been doing it for a couple of years now so I'm pretty bewildered.

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    I heard some ppl who installed DX9 lowered their 3D mark.
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    do you have a lot running in the background? and i'd try old catalyst drivers if you have the DX9 one
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    you could always try a fresh install of windows-
    you should definetly be getting more-
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    did you reformat before putting the card in the new system? also try setting the Agp to 4x there are some problems with the 8x on the early KT400 mobos

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    Make sure all of the settings are on performance. Vertical sync should be OFF. AA of course should be off. And everything else to the lowest quality settings. I could only get 13K out of my friends 9700P.

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    I noticed your memory is CAS 3. I noticed a subtantial performance hit going from CAS 2 to CAS 3 in 3dmark, even though FSB speeds were much higher with CAS 3.
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    format it and install eveything agian

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    gravity man brought up a great point..going from cas 2.5 to cas 2 i gained 500+ points with my gf3 imagine goin to cas2 from cas 3....

    but i would say go with the formating hard drive and reinstallation idea..thats a winner
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    i think everyone has given some good ideas here but i wanted to comment on something you said.
    "For some reason though, when I first bought the Radeon 9700Pro I was using an ASUS A7V333 with 256 PC2700 and an AMD XP 1700+, and without overclocking anything was able to get damn near 13k."

    even tho you did upgrade with better stuff that doesnt mean bettter perfomance right and settings usually are the culprits here.but if set up it up correctly it bet $$$ i could and others here could make it run just as fast as the new stuff u purchased.

    once u get it fixed i mean.and im not saying im better a tweaker its just what u upgraded too, really isnt faster or does have more potentintal tho.

    its kinda going back to pinkys post about new hardware

    its a persoal thing so pls dont take this in a bad once u get this setup just right it will be really fast

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    Try posting in one of the software sections or video cards. Or the 3dmark section.
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