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    Vantec Nexus and chieftec door?

    I'd like to get a chieftec Dragon tower. My big question is weather the Vantec Nexus fan controller will fit behind the door.

    Anybody know?

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    I'm pretty sure it will fit ok since the door is curved out. It should have more than enough room. I installed my CD player out too far and it still shut. I fixed it since but you get the point.

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    I am very very curious about this myself. A while ago in the vantac thread, I asked the same question, and concluded just by looking at how much the knobs stick out, that the door will not close. But I'm waiting to see if anyone has tryed it. If in fact the door shuts properly without mods, I'll be getting one promptly!

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    the big drive bays are on sliders (easy in and out) so you could just set the sliders out more and the nexus will fit in the body of the case a bit more, also the door dose have some room about 1/2"

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