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    Z-680 v.s. Klipsch 5.1

    Have any audiophile ppl listened to both of these systems. I know its not a B&W 501 or some Linn's but between those two what do you think reproduces mids and highs better? Which one is clearer, crisper, etc...

    Do the z-680's sound warm in the midrage.(i hear this alot)

    I have the klipsch 4.1 but the 5.1 have a different tweeter does it have a metallic harsh sound to it. (it apears to be metal this time)

    And yes the bass. tight, clean, muddled etc.....

    And please dont tell me one is better then the other because it has a more powerful amp.
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    LOL! But man-amp ratings are everything!!!

    I played with a set of 680's at a store a couple of weeks ago and was fairly impressed. For the money they are very good speakers but I came away thinking they were a better version of the Z-560's instead of a better version of the Klipsch 5.1's.

    I love the bass of the Logitech's 560's for gaming and felt the same about the 680. But what I didn't like about the 560's carried over, too. The midrange is warm but lacks definition and presence. Same for the high end reproduction. It seems like everything coming out of the satellites is just along for the ride. For gaming, that is more than good enough but there are much better choices for music and movie work.

    I can't put my finger on the exact difference, but the Klipsch 5.1's do have better overall sound quality than I remember from the 4.1's. (I haven't heard them side-by-side.) It wasn't harsh or metallic. But what really struck me about the 5.1's was how they handled positional audio. These are very good all around speakers and hands-down the best for DVD's.

    My first priority were speakers that could reproduce music, and I ended up getting a Monsoon MM2000 4.1 system. These use the planar satellite design with a three speaker subwoofer and a 200 watt RMS (I think) amp.

    What I love about them is the crispness and clarity, especially in the midrange and high end. They are clearly more accurate and detailed than the Klipsch or Logitech. The downside is that while they have a great presence, they aren't great on positional sounds like the Klipsch, and the bass doesn't try to give you more than what was put into the microphone. On gaming they bass is good, but not nearly in the class of the Logitech.

    Hope this helped-


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    Yeah i like how electrostatic speakers sound(ie. Martin Logan speakers). Hmm maybe ill stick to the Klipsch 5.1's i wish someplave here would have a set of z-680 that i could listen too

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    Isn't Klipsch the best? Period?

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    Originally posted by Hurk
    Isn't Klipsch the best? Period?
    This new Logitech speaker set they're talking about was rated better than the Klipsch 5.1's by Maximum PC, whatever that's worth. Sounds like these audiophiles would agree that there's some competition. I was pretty shocked by this, too.

    But I don't know much about all that. I'm still using my Altec Lansing 2.1 ACS45's (refurbs!) from 1997.
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    i would love to get me a set of either of those speakers
    and much like you cursor i still use my ACS 56's but hey u cant beat a nice set of 4.1's for $36 now can u ?
    btw klipsch rules all, my sisters whole home theater is klipsch speakers
    just wish mine was

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    Or you could go with my setup, JK. I would tend to lean to the Klipsch only because I like them a lot and they have been making home/computer speakers for such a long time.

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