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    An alternative to PVC hoses?

    While browsing Home Depot recently in the plumbing section, i've found the raisers section. Raiser is the steel braided pvc hose that they use behind sinks and toilets etc. to be clear about it.
    The advantages of using them instead of 'standard' hose would be their enourmous flexibility w/out kinking and the built-in connectors on both end that can be attached to anything using standard plumbing adapters etc.
    Thair steel covered so they could possibly withstand some damage while moving say or a thermal breakdown.
    The disadvantages on the other hand is their I.d. limitations.
    The only size i could find readily available was 1/4in inner diameter, and that is a bit low by todays standard
    So here's the pondering qs:
    - is it possible to get larger i.d. raisers?
    - if not, how bad would a system with 1/4in i.d. connectors perform on average.

    Any thoughts?

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    yes you can get it, but its DAMN expensive
    And 1/4 would been bad for a normal system.....

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    go Tygon, alot better
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