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    Codegen 450w PSU ?

    Well recently I burnt up an Abit NV7-133R and my Athlon XP 2000+ and Abit is swearing I wasn't providing enough power. This seemed odd to me since I was using a 300 watt Antec. But since I am having to replace both my proc and my board I didn't have much cash left over for the PSU so I went with a 450 watt Codegen (found them on ebay for 11.50 buy now). Later when I get the money I will go back to antec or possibly try a sparkle. I guess my question is does anyone else have one of these el cheapo Codegen 450 watt PSUs and if so what kind of ratings is putting out? 3.3v, 5v, and 12v? By the way the reason I went with this PSU is its actually recommended AMD, but does that really mean anything?

    Any input is appreciated.

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    I read about a blown Deer PSU (Deer makes Codegen) with transistors rated for only 40% as much current as those found in most PSUs of the same power rating, or 50% as much as those in my bottom of the barrel Maxpower, which would make Codegen below the bottom of the barrel. Do you want to take a chance with a company that does that? That 300W Fortron from for $27 would have been a better bargain and enough to power about anything.

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    Heres the deal:
    Right now I am running an Antec 300 watt PSU, and about 2 weeks ago I had (notice I said had) an XP 2000+ on an Abit NV7-133R. I was powering 2 hard drives and a CDRW. Well the board, the 2000+ and my radeon 7500 all burnt up. When I returned the MB to Abit they said it was due to having too small of a power supply for what I was running. And that I should visith the AMD site and invest in a 400 watt or larger power supply from any of the manufacturers listed there, since they are "approved by AMD".

    So does that mean AMD is backing questionable companies (trash)?

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    I guess there isn't much I can do about it now, I already ordered it... damn! I guess lack of research may just kick me in the ass....
    However when they (ordered 2 of them) I will let everyone know how they perform.

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    You might get lucky.

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