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Thread: amusing fool

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    amusing fool

    From ebay...
    This auction is for a Pentium II slot 1 processor. This processor is unique in that the MHz speed/rating has not been locked! The base speed is 233MHz, but with motherboards that control the processor speed (commonly called SoftCPU), the MHz rating can be the limits of the processor and motherboard together. This is a processor that hasn't had the speed set at the factory. I have been able to reliably run this processor at 400Mhz on an Abit motherboard without a single glitch in my home server for 6+ months (which was constantly running). THIS IS NOT A PROCESSSOR THAT HAS BEEN OVERCLOCKED AND THIS IS NOT OVERCLOCKING! The speed was never set! I have found the optimal speed and voltage for my hardware and I left it at that setting.
    If that is NOT oc'ing what is it ?!?
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    it's OCing if the base speed is 233, but because it wasen't locked by intel he is thinking that it's not

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    I have a P-II 233 at work that has an unlocked multiplier. I've been running it at 300 since last May. Could of swore I was overclocking, but guess not.
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    I wonder what the "optimal voltage" was.
    I can explain it to you, but I cannot understand it for you

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    I think what he meant by that was that since it was a beta chip it never had a set speed.. although it said 233 on the chip it was never a default speed on the chip, ex. Celeron 300a could easily run at 450 as we all know, but the 233 wasnt set in stone and could run at 300 since it wasnt a final release.. anywho.. intel still did release it to the testers as A 233 wich technically makes it a 233. I think im going to bust out my old celly 300 again ;D

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    um, he does say it is an ES with no speed printed on the CPU...
    I have a fully unlocked 350, and a downward unlocked 333... they both post as a 233 untill i set it up in the BIOS (or dont use jumpers)...

    And as it is an ES.....

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    wow that is a funny one.
    i can see my auction now......
    "i have a intel cpu for sale that has been mislabled. it says 2.4 but after finding the optmium settings it has occured to me that this is actualy a 3.1 cpu thast must have been leaked from the intel prototype factory"

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