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    Backing up hard drive to CD-R?

    Anyone doing this? What are you using and how do you like it? Having some problems with Nortan Ghost 7.5 atm.

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    I use Nero, and I do it manually. All of my MP3s on one set of discs, all of my movies and *ahem* software on another set, and everything My Documents/Trillian/Savegame related on yet another set of discs.

    I don't have them encrypted by some wacky backup software, so I can easily access whatever I need by any machine that can read the CDFS file system. Unless it's a huge 380GB setup and you're pressed for time, I'd advise against using programs like Ghost.

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    But Ghost will allow you to image just the file system and data but I'm getting some errors that I posted in here. I tried with Nero and it needed to backup all available space on the 40 GB partition...61 disks!

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    When I am backing up selected items, like how ThePerfectCore stated, I use the Windows Backup, then burn the backup file onto a CD. That adds the ability to restore the file system, directories, and files exactly how they were previously. However, this still limits you to a backup file of 700MB or smaller (I use DVDs, so I get 4.7GB).

    I've never used Nero, but I have used Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum to do backups (Now I use Nero for ALL burning) and it allowed me to specify what I wanted backed up. I wouldn't imagine Nero to have a much different setup than ECDC.

    Actually, I just tried doing it on Nero and it actually doesn't let you do that, just an entire Partition. I think what ThePerfectCore may being doing is just dragging/dropping files onto a data disc compilation. I would just try to use the Windows Backup utility and keep the backup file size small enough to put it on a cd.

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    Not a highjack but related...

    Can you restore backups to a differant partition and in effect clone the installation?
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