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    cooling an Iwill KK266

    ok guy's I'm about to build my first system. Will be useing an Iwill KK266, 900 T-Bird, 256megs crucial ram, Leadtek GeForce II MX DH Pro, 30GB IBM 75gxp, Swiftek MC462A, and stuffing it all into an Antec sx830 case. My goal is 8x150=1200. I want to actively cool my north bridge and power transistors. Does anyone know what size heatsink will fit over the power transistors? Also 2cooltek has a copper heatsink/fan that is 50x50x20mm, will this fit on the north bridge or is there a better cooling solution? any other advise would also be helpful. Thnx

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    i am using a 50 x 50 x 20 on mine (size includes fan). It was fairly easy to install as I matched the holes on the original heatsink and drilled 2 holes into the heatsink and used metal screws to mount it. Better make sure it will clear your heatsink too. I am using a 80 x 60 heatsink and there is only 1/4" between them. Good Luck

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    Many ppl are using ThermalTakes blue orb on the northbridge. You don't have to drill anything, just remove the heatsink that is there, by gently (and VERY carefully) pinching the thru-board holders for the heatsink, and then when you have the blue orb, the attach deal does not allign up exactly with the holes in the, what you do here is cut a slot outwards in the blue orb attach 'ears' so that the plastic attach things will align and fit thru the board...

    Read all about it here:

    This site dosn't tell you how to modify the blue orb...I can't find that one right now, but it does tell you how to use another HSF on the bridge.

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