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    On harddrive corruption due to high fsb...

    read this in another forum on how to get 200+ fsb without currupting files:

    If you do NOT run a RAID setup and have your hard drive(s) plugged into the boards IDE Ports, go into the bios and set the Hard Drive controller from ULTRA DMA to Pio mode on both channels. On Next boot into Windows, go into system properties and then Device Manager....under IDE/ATAPI ATA controllers...set primary and secondary to Pio mode only. Reboot. After these changes you'll now be able to run your board to most any FSB without fear of corrupting your hard drives...

    Does this work?

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    that sounds just like the AGP interface multiplier. if you got artifacts due to the high AGP bus and you have the AGP interface set to 4x, decreasing it to 2x will reduce the bus bandwidth and eliminate the artifacts.

    it sounds to me like it would work once the PIO mode will dramatically reduce the IDE bandwidth. but it doensnt sound like something worth to try in my opinion.

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    Running the drives in PIO mode would seriously slow down your system..

    If you want an example.. try setting your burner to PIO mode instead of UDMA and try burning a cd..

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    Basically your turning Off DMA transfers. Very good point sirtoby, I think the fastest PIO mode is PIO mode4 with something like 16.6MBs transfer rates. If you think some of your games levels are loading slow now, what will it be like without DMA. Besides the slower transfers, I would think HD CPU usage would go up too, because the DMA controller is offloading work from the CPU when enabled for HD transfers.

    You have to ask yourself if the tradeoffs are worth it?

    *Nothing wrong with playing around with it and seeing for yourself though. Have some fun!

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