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    KT7Raid bios settings?

    While waiting for Alpha Pal 6035 delivery I've been trying to see what this thing might do. The only success I've had is to 1000. Very disappointing. At 1050 I can post and run WinMe until it locks up. At 1100 it will post and immediately shut down. What settings should I try in the WZ bios? Specifically:
    CPU FSB/PCI clock?
    CPU FSB Plus?

    CPU power supply

    Fast CPU Command Decode?
    CPU drive strength?
    Enhance chip performance?
    Force 4-way interleave?
    Enable dram 4K-page mode ?
    Dram Clock?

    I've only had limited success changing the multiplier factor. Any thing over the 100/33 setting for the clock doesn't want to work. Any special settings for RAM? Temps running at 1000 are 30-40C.
    I am running with a Netgear 10/100 card (FA310TX) that I've tried with and without. Didn't seem to matter.
    Thanks in advance, Scarzo

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    well with my KT7A-raid board i had to bump my I/O voltage to 3.5 up to 140 mhz
    3.6 up to 150 mhz and 3.7 for up to 162 mhz FSB

    as for your core voltage i would try raising it a little ...that is if your temps are ok now

    keep it under 50C and you should be fine

    what RAM you have?

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    I'm running 128MB Corsair Cas 2 PC133 RAM.

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    Here's the way I have my bios set.

    fast cpu cpmmand decode = fast
    enhanced chip = enabled
    force 4way interleave = enable
    enable dram 4k-page mode = enable
    dram clock = hclk+pciclk ( this is your pc100 or 133 setting)
    set your core v to 1.8
    set your i/o v to 3.4

    Advanced Chipset

    Dram timing= turbo ( for all three banks )
    dram bank inteleaver = disable ( you only have 1 bank and if you try 2 or 4 way it will lock your system up when you try 3dmarks )
    delay dram read latch = auto
    md driving strength - hi
    sdram cycle length - 2 ( cas settings )
    memory hole = disable
    pci master pipeline req = enable
    p2c/c2p concurency = disable
    fast r-w turn araund = disable
    system bios cachable = disable
    video ram cachable = disable
    agp aperature size = 64m
    agp driving control = auto
    fast write supported = no support ( this one will lock you up during 3dmark as well )
    cpu to pci write buffer = enable
    pci dynamic bursting = enable
    pci master 0 ws write = enable
    pci delay transaction = enable
    agp master / ws write = disable
    agp master / ws read = disable

    You might be maxing out your processor as well. I had a 1gig tbird that would post and run fine all the way up to 1179 but it couldn't do any games or or 3dmarks past 1089mhz. I got this new chip and no problems what so ever with games or benchamrking.

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    Check out this site:

    Basicly they break out every single KT7A Raid BIOS variable for you. ;-) It should help, lord knows it helped me.

    G'luck with it.

    KT7A 1200@1430, 384 megs PC-100, GeForce 256 DDR-DVI, A3D card, 2940 card, SCSI 10k 18 gig HD, SCSI cdrom & burner.

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