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    XWindow -- on EGA?

    I have an old computer, and I installed a small (5 floppy-sized) version of linux -- MonkeyLinux -- and it comes with an XWindow GUI, but I can't get it to work.

    Here is my problem: This computer is running EGA (maybe its VGA? I got confused...) and whenever I type the command to start XWindow (command is: startx) it tries to run it, but the screen just stays blank. It's trying to start in 8-bit mode, but it doesn't work? Any ideas? I would really love to get this working!!
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    What kind of res is X set to do? I'd think if you plugged in a computer with a vga card to an EGA monitor, you'd just get a crummy picture unless the computer was outputting at too high or a resolution.

    This is an EGA monitor that can do non-character graphics, isn't it?

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    I believe so. It's an old NEC monitor. The computer I'm using has no graphics card though.

    Um..the resolution? I'm not sure, gotta check that

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    If the computer you are using has no video card... then how are you outputting to a monitor? Are you on a serial console or something? You aren't going to get X to work one of those.

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    The graphics card must be integrated then.

    COMPAQ XE560
    Pentium 60 (60MHz)
    6GB HD
    Integrated sound card (outputs to internal speaker)
    Compaq Mobo (unidenitfiyable, all I could find is that is was from compaq!!)

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    Well what does the connector you are plugging the monitor into look like? Plain old 15-pin vga?

    Have you tried to verify that the monitor is capable of non-character-based graphics?

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    Yes. I used it with windows XP on my other computer.

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    Whats the highest res you can run it with in XP? You checked to see if Linux is trying to run at a res higher than that? When you hit ctrl-alt-backspace on the Linux box, do you get your console back?

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    If you used the monitor with WinXP, then it's definitely a 15-pin, VGA style sort of thing. And hopefully no Pentium machine would have built-in EGA anyway. Even a Compaq. =)

    But at any rate, EGA uses a different connector, so your machine does not have EGA graphics. It might, however, have a very archaic implementation of VGA. So if you find those resolution and color settings somewhere, go for 640x480 and as few colors as you can. 4-bit color at 640x480 is supported in the brain stem of every color VGA adapter ever built, so that's definitely safe.

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