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    Lapping heatsink...

    I just ordered an SLK-800, it will be here soon Do I need to lap it or anything for best performance, if so how? (have no clue what it is)

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    i lapped mine, had bad machining marks which im sure they would interfere with heat transfer. though at home depot they didnt have any higher than 600 grit so i didnt get to make a mirror finish but it was a lot better smoothness wise than before

    unless it has machining marks on it (lines across it) i wouldnt bother lapping it, or if youre afraid youll mess it up which can very well happen just leave it be.

    if you do lap it, get some 250(if big marks) 400, 600, 1200 and 2000 if you really want and just spend like 15-20 minutes on each one except maybe the 250. do it in figure 8's turning it a bit every so often and do it on a flat surface (mirror, glass, table) i used a piece of wood i had layin around thats like 1x1 feet and was very flat and smoothe.

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    I like to use soap and water when i get to the high grits. You can get the high grits at most auto stores in the painting dept. Usually I stop at 800 though since sometimes u actually get worse performance if you make it too smooth as the flatter the surface the less surface area. You get nothing by going above 800 except a shinny finnish.
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    I lapped mine because it had machine tool marks on it that I could see and hear when I ran my fingernail across the base. You need to be VERY careful when lapping it because of the base's rectangular shape and the fact that the copper is soft. It tips easily if you try to move it fast. Just took me about fifteen minutes on 600 grit wet/dry paper with hand soap and water. Don't have any comparison temps because I lapped it before I put it on for the first time. Currently at my speed and voltage (see sig), my mainboard temp is 80 F and the cpu is 100 F. Patience is truly a virtue in this case.

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