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Thread: best 2.4b?

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    best 2.4b?

    I'm getting a 2.4b in a couple of weeks and I want one that will overclock well. I know there is no guarentee that it will but is there any particular FPO/Batch #, or S code of a 2.4b that seems to always do well? Looking at the database, the SL6EF seems to fill the top spots but is there a certain FPO/batch # that is good?

    Thanks for the help

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    hi i have a 2.4b sl6ef C1 does 2.91 no probs with a low voltage

    1.575 but no higher !!!!whatever i try!!!their are lots of bo steping chips that seem to beat mine,but i think in my case it may be my mobo!!!!!SO im guessing its a luck of the draw as much as anything!!!

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    Just got my 2.4b C1 stepping yesterday and have been playing with it today.

    Pleased so far, but I am still testing and increasing the bus. Currently I am at 168fsb 3033Mhz @ 1.69vcore.

    Here is what I have:

    Pack Date 11/27/02
    FPO/Batch 7243A390 Philippines
    Version # C10670-001

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