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    switch abit to asus !! Good Thing

    i have loved abit boards for along time, but once this nf2 board came out i hade to try it the a7n8x is a verry elite mb, overclocks very with the right tweeking. i dont think ill ever switch back to abit
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    LOL yea i have had my asus for about a year and it runs just right for me being is iam kinda a noob computer person. I have been fuxin with computers for only about 2 yrs now. Hope the overclocking is coming around for you.

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    Yeah, i am glad i purchased the N7V8X deluxe.. I had a rough first couple days with a bad bios, but once i got it flashed to 1001.c, it became much more stable. I have also read that the battery that comes stock with this thing is bad. I noticed mine is a 3v, and others are saying to put in a 3.3v and all problems go away. Only problem i have at the moment is sometimes it don't like to reboot
    i just get a blank screen, monitor shuts off....have to clear cmos and start over.
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