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    SiS R659 quad channel RDRAM chipset

    According to this X-bit labs article SiS is working on a new RDRAM chipset for the P4.

    SiS now plans to roll-out another Rambus supporting chipset by the end of the year. This week SiS announced its next-generation SiSR659 core-logic, designed to support four-channel RDRAM PC1200. The R569 North Bridge will be coupled with the SiS964 I/O controller, which integrates 8 USB 2.0 ports and Serial ATA-150 features. Samples of the SiSR659 are scheduled to come in the third quarter 2003.
    The R659 will be able to provide up to 9.6GB/s of memory bandwidth, interesting indeed. With DDR2 still a long way from masproduction Id say Rimm has a pretty good chance of staying on top when it comes down to raw bandwidth.

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    Thanks FMS. I was searching for that article.

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