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    Who makes a good Hub ???

    Hey all..... My Network 5port hub is messed up & I need a new one its a linksys... its only 3 years old or so but its definataly going south

    Who makes the fastest Quality Hub/Nic's ???

    Im gona rebuild it all my nic's are over 3 years old have they improved over the years ?? whats the fastest Nic ?

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    if you are going to go linksys, then I would go with a linksys hub...nothing against other companies but I personally like to keep everything the same...I personally think it works better or it could just be a mental thing...

    I have only used Linksys so I can't speak on others...but I don't have the money to go for Cisco products but if I did thats what I would have
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    Don't get a hub, get a switch. Price is about the same and a switch is both faster and scales better. No need to get new nics if they are 10/100 already. Linksys is a good brand, but there is little difference between the different companies that manufacture these small scale passive switches. You'll find more differences (as far as functionality, support, and bugs) among the different manufacturers routers and other active equipment. I would find the cheapest name brand switch and go with that.
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    Like FlypSyde said, there is little difference between the different companies. I have 3Com, D-Link, and Linksys switches and hubs, and they all work the same way. Hub/Switch technology is stable and has been around for years, so there isn't much concern for bugs, or other hardware problems.

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    Best hubs/nic's? Cisco.

    Best value for money? Realtek nic's and the cheapest hubs you can find. You can find drivers for any realtek nic, just because they are so cheap. And with hubs, well, there really is no way to screw up a hub. If you go cisco, then you'll get loads of nifty features, but you will also pay though the nose for them.

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