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    super smart seti people...have a look

    i wonder if i could call on my teammates to check out another thread i started...

    thanks guys

    p.s. i know i have not been around much lately...but ive been crunching along...

    p.p.s...i ordered a new proc...finally!!! xp2100 tbred rev.b....i just hope my mobo will run it...if it does not....looks like a new mobo for me!!!hehe should be an upgrade from my athlon 1400mhz...ill keep you guys posted
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    CPU: Intel i860 @ 4.0ghz HT
    Mobo: Gigabyte p55-ud4p
    RAM: G.SKILL Trident 4GB 2000mhz
    HSF: Cogage TRUE
    GPU: Radeon 5850 eyfinity 3 22" samsungs
    PSU: Corsair hx 850w
    Case: HAF 932
    Storage: 4xWD640gb blacks in a 0 and 10
    OS: Win 7 64bit

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    I just installed a 2100 B last week. Oh my God! It's still locked but I'm running at 160fsb. For the rig I have it in, that's unreal. I'm averaging completion times of 2:33. The downside was that I had to reinstall the OS as the video was FUBAR after going to the 2100 B.

    ...but it was worth the effort!

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    I do not qualify for super smart, but I dropped my two Eurocent.
    Afraid there is no clear and cut scientific evidence nor rational choice to be made

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