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    Question Are AthlonXP 2600 or 2700 worth it??

    OK I'm using a 2400 but am thinking of getting a 2600+ or 2700+ for the 333MHz value.

    Prices from Googlegear
    2400+ = 2.0GHz $147.00 (Current CPU)
    2600+ = 2.08GHz $246.00
    2800+ = 2.13GHz $273.00

    Is it worth it at this point or should I just wait and keep the 2400+ for now until the 64bits hit sometime Christmas? (maybe)

    Thanks for any help here.

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    my 2cents

    Personally i think your fine right now, but if you have the money GO FOR IT the fsb will be nice but make sure you have good enough RAM to take advantage of the 333 fsb. or you could just see how high you can get the fsb of your current set up, if you can get it to 166(166x2=333) then there would be no need to go out and buy the same thing that you can already reach with a simple overclock..

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    ummm your 2400 will run a 333 bus if you set it to 12x167 and should be 2004@167fsb

    may need to connect the 5th L3 tho but no biggy.
    plus you could also oc the chip to a even higher mhz.most likley way above 2167mhz the 2700 has.

    buying a 26-2700 just for a 333 bus is a waist as any chip will run a 333 bus as long as its surrounding components allow it to."ie" the ram/mobo.

    these are the how the informed people save money

    Alright Brain, you don't like me, and I don't like you. But lets just do this, and I can get back to killing you with beer. -HJS-

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    with my xp 2100 posting at 2.7GHz and running stable at 2.6Ghz, i'm sure you can get much more out of that chip

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    Thanks guys. I'll mess with this one then for now and see what I can get out of it without bridging the L3. I may need to sell this CPU or donate it to a good cause so I'm not wanting to do that unless I have a spare.
    I'll let you know what happens with it in my sig when I get it stable enough to report.

    Thanks again.

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