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Thread: Epox 8RDA+

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    Epox 8RDA+

    Is it Only in sync its hard to Achieve 200+mhz FSB
    Mwh Peppe P

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    having 200mhz FSB SYNC will have more performance than runnning ASYNC......

    running 200mhz fsb really put the pc3200 /3500 ddr to their limit... on top of all that... nforce2 chipset is running dual channel ddr... so good quality ram really needed

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    I don't quite understand the question. It usually depends on the ram. If you mean that to get 200+ fsb is easier async than sync on PC2100, you're probably right. If your using XMS3500 of Corsair or PC3200 from Twinmos, it be too hard, though you probably won't get 250fsb.

    However, running asycn isn't recommended. From what I've been told, it slows down the system more than the boost in fsb helps the performance. Sometimes it's unstable to run async also, so you might as well just run the system in sync till you get better ram.
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    yes i mean that to get 200+ fsb is easier async than sync on PC2100 Thaks. Mwh T-Bird

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