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    Best motherboard for 1GHZ AXIA @ 1.4+?

    I was thinking on getting a KK266, for about 100 on pricewatch. Do you think this is good? I am going to a computer show next weekend, and i will get the 1 ghz, and the motherboard there. I don't need raid, or ddr, i would like 4 dimm slots, 4x agp, and for the motherboard to support the palominos. And of course, stable as a rock! Thanx!

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    Well I have used the Abit KT7A-RAID, the Asus A7V133, and the Iwill KK266. So far the Iwill KK266 is my favorite

    You said you want 4 DIMM slots though, this one only has 3, but i don't know any KT133A board that has 4. As for being stable, this motherboard can do 160 mhz FSB! (320mhz DDR) perfectly stable (although my network card can't handle it).


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    The KK266 is a great board. Very stable and overclocks well. Even with only 3 DIMM slots, it still accomodates up to 1.5gb of RAM

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    Read the threads - see what others get, see the problems they get. Look at the CPU database too to find out what is best for your needs.
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    I love my KK266, rock stable, and it posts some great benchmarks, easy install, great support, and excellent performance, what more could you ask for?

    check out Fullon3D's faq of the KK266 for more info, and bookmark it if you decide to get the board!

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