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    2 Questions on the ABIT KT7A-Raid MBD

    I have 2 quick questions on the KT7A-R MBD,

    1.) I receive a message that the cpu is unworkable and/or has changed, but when ever I go and change it to the correct proc type, the computer will boot, but I get no video response... why is that? I have to reset bois jumper before it will work.

    2.) can this board support the DDR- Ram (I want to upgrade the mem)

    My current config is:
    KT7A-Raid w/ 1.1 Ghz Amd Thunderbird
    224MB Ram ( all off an old Compaq)
    Voodoo 5 5500 64MB Agp
    Win2k Pro
    (thinking of putting 98SE in dual boot on the system)
    14GB + 6GB HDD

    I play alot of games (EQ, Rogue Spear, Age of Empires2)and run FrontPage2000 and Photshop 6.0

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    1. What exactly are you setting it to. I accidently set mine to 133/44 instead of 133/33 once and had to clear it because the video would not work.

    2. no, it uses PC133

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    if cpu is not unlocked this must be done to start at more than x100 mhz if its 1.3 it willbe 13x100 or you will get this message if u didnt get cpu and mobo together it may not have this setting in bios.
    i am not aware of it supporting ddr.
    as for agp make sure it is seated correctly,it should boot at low res. and allow u to download drivers.
    check mem to be sure its seated correctly in slot 1.
    if it was shipped with ww bios you need cpu fan in fan 1 header,its farther away than fan 2 header this will cause a no boot situation and would be my first guess.
    let us know.

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