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    Question about: Memory Speeds

    I'm about to buy my new rig (see sig, "future setp").
    Now I need a fast answer to these questions:

    1. Basicly any RAM should work at his marked speed?, I mean for example GeiL Pc3200 should work at 200 FSB shouldn't it?
    2. I can't afford the Corsair's what's one level lower?
    3. Help my fix the ram for my Rig, here are the must have:
    a. will work at 200FSB for sure!
    b. lifetime warrenty!
    c. cheap, like 120$-130$ max!
    d. 512 Mb on it.

    That's it folks

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    you can be the ginny pig for

    Im thinking I will get some but not untell I hear its good.

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    I'd assemble and test out the next system first using existing memory, so you get an idea how high the FSB can go, since nforce2 AMD boards have a wide range of top FSB, from 180 to 230+ MHz.

    If you decide the top FSB (whatever you can do to overclock) is around 200, there are many 3200C2 to choose from. But if it can go up to 210-220 or beyond, then I'd get a Corsair 3500C2 which is spec'd at 217 MHz 6-3-3-2.

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