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    Sapphire 9700pro Rev3 and I don't have tv-out

    Well I can't get tv-out working. I change the cable several twice and it still doesn't work. The first cable worked when I have the Geforce4 setup.

    When I say it doesn't work, "TV" is grayed out on the "display" tab in the ATI control panel.

    Also, the S-video to RCA adapter included by Sapphire won't fit on the back! The pin configuration on the adapter is very different from the s-video output on the card. The adaptor I got for my Geforce4 fits nicely and I'm sure this adaptor works as I've been using it for my Geforce4.

    I've used 3.1 drivers. Someone mentioned to use Omega's drivers but those drivers won't install.

    Any ideas?



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    On any ATI cards I've used TV-outs with there has always been something funny about enabling it. You have to have it plugged into a TV and awaiting a signal from the card when you turn the system on for you to be able to enable TVout feature. Somehow on boot up the card can detect if its plugged to a TV. I would suggest plugging it into TV and having the TV on and set to the right settings, then reboot your puter. Now you shoul be able to turn it on in the Advanced->Displays area of driver.


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