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    ok... i have a MSI 815PRO with a celeron... im looking to getting a t-bird 1ghz or 1.1, 1.2, not sure yet..

    now.. i was looking through MSI's web sight.. and i noticed that they have like 4 diff vir's of the K7T, and i was wondering are these good boards? or should i keep looking for anouther one?

    ** p.s. the one that i was looking at was the MSI K7T Turbo-R (MS-6330) **

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    The MSI K7T Turbo R **OR**
    the MSI K7T Turbo **OR**
    the MSI K7T Turbo Limited

    Would be the mobo's to get. All have the KT133A chipset. The first has RAID. The second is the sans-RAID version. The third is a special edition board (limited manufacturing run) that has a red PCB. All should perform the same (theoretically). The boards to avoid would be the standard KT133 boards:

    MSI K7T Pro
    MSI K7T Pro 2A

    Hope this helps. I would suggest also checking out the KT133A offerings from Abit, Iwill and Epox.

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    The regular Turbo rocks!! see sig below.
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