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    Question AL440LX show wrong cpu spead

    I have a really old computer with Intel AL440LX motherboard inside and PII 233Mhz CPU. I tried to upgrade the CPU yesterday. I bought an old PII 400 Mhz CPU and replaced the old one (233) with it. When I started computer bios showed that cpu spead is 266. I upgrade bios to the latest p14 from Intels homepage and tried to change the cpu speed in bios. I changed jumper position to come in to the bios configuration mode. Then I started to search how to change CPU speed but I did not find how. Does anyone had the same problem? Or got any idea how to solve this problem?

    So my problem is that i cant change the cpu speed in the bios


    And sorry for my bad English

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    Aren't the 400mhz PII's multiplier locked? I know the 233's and 266's were unlocked but I thought 300 and up had factory locked multipliers. Don't know if it's any help but when I was exploring the overclockability of my PII233, I found that if I set the multiplier to high(anything above 4.5) the system would boot to a SLOW 133mhz default speed. This was also on a Gateway OEM 440lx board with the updated P14 Bios from Gateway. For more info on the 440lx mobo's check out

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