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    Broken Fan On 9700pro

    OK heres the deal, about 2 weeks ago I was playin warcraft 3 nothin unusual and wha-BAM about 15 minutes in, the display freezes. So I open up the case and i feel the back of my card where the chip is and holy **** damn thing burnt my finger. So yeah the fan does not spin one bit. To deal with this I have the computer in front of the window and I leave it open all the time now, mind you its just about zero outside everyday, my hands are continually numb lol. Anyways...would the best choice be to get that zalman heatpipe thing or what? I have a Gigabyte Radeon 9700 Pro BTW.

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    You see the sides of the heatsink that are lifted above the card? You can hang a fan using wires on both sides of those parts of the heatsink. I have the P4 fan hanging on my 9500Pro now and it works great, I dont even want that 0.07amps joker in there anymore.

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    lmao, i just set a 92 mm old case fan on it and it blows right on the northbridge, man that gets hot too, and on the back of the gpu....does help

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    The heatpipe seemd to be pretty nice or if you want a fan then a low profile 1u HSF combo would be good.
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