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    Tualatin Cele on a copper mine board.

    Yes there is a 40 Page thread on it already, I am on about the 7th page,

    I did the mod and plucked the AN3 AJ3 and AK4 pins, My motherboard does give it 1.45 volts and I have not connected the AK26 to the AK4 yet. But usally when It does somthing using the harddrive it crashes?!?

    I can open programs run programs Fold but usally when I delete somthing or change a setting it crashes, it is a Via chipset and I have heard about problems with it and these mods,

    My question is have thay fixed the Via chipset problems yet with this mod?!

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    IMHO, your problem has nothing to do with the Via chipset used on your mobo. You just have to do the AK4-AN11(ak4-an11 is better than ak4-ak26!!!) connection and than it should run stable!
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    ok now with the Ak4 gone how do I do this?

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    But it is strange I can surf the net for hours and then do anything and it will crash, I installed windows first time no problem, I can fold for hours (Has not crashed durring that yet.) so why connect the AK4 to a vcc.

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