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    Asus P4PE or Aopen AX4GE? Help!

    I am getting ready to do some serious upgrading on my main PC and I am in a quandry over which board to go with. I had been planning at first on the Aopen AX4GE (reviewed here at Tom's Hardware). After a while, I started thinking maybe I should go with the Asus P4PE instead since Asus is a bit bigger name, and it did get the all around nod as best board in the roundup of boards that the Aopen was also reviewed in. Anyhow, after reading about alot of the issues people are having with the Asus boards when overclocking, I am starting to think maybe I should go with the Aopen board again. Anyone have any experience with that board? Here is what I plan on building...

    P4 2.53GHz
    1GB Corsair PC2700 CAS 2.0 Ram
    WD 80GB 7200RPM 8MB Cache HDD
    VANTEC AeroFlow VP4-C7040 Heatsink and Fan

    Just deciding on mobo now. I plan on overclocking to around 3GHz if I can get it that high. Also, I don't have an audigy card currently. I am using a SB Live at the moment, but would like to not have to keep using it. So another question would be how good is the on board sound nowadays? The Asus has the SoundMAX (ADI1980) thing, and the Aopen has a Realtek (ALC650) sound thing. Is there much difference between the two>? And are they both at least as good as SB Live or better?

    Thanks again, and any help appreciated!


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    i would go for the aopen, the temp issus really is a big problem
    its not the sensors problem, its the board

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