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    Switching from nVidia to ATI

    Thinking about the switch I just know nothing about ATI cards. Currently I've got a Geforce 2 TI. Obviously I'd like something better than that, but I don't really know the ATI model numbers. I'm looking at a 9500, but it's still a little more than I'd like to spend right now.

    Any thoughts/advice?

    ...also, if a card is an AGP 8x, is it backwards compatible? Meaning, can I plug it into an AGP 4x slot?
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    on your agp question the 9x00 series can go into a 2x/4x/8x slot

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    I wouldn't buy anything below the 9500. Keep an eye on the refurbs at newegg and you might get a good deal on one. You gotta be ready to buy though, as they sell 'em as soon as they get 'em.
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    i would wait a month the new ones are coming soon and it will drive the 9700 down. it may put a non pro 9700 in your price range. and even the 9600 thats coming out will be very strong card for very little. anyone have any ideas on release prices for the new r350 and RV350
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