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    I used to use roxio but now use nero. When I make a cd I want to remove all of a certain filetype from the cd layout. For instance, I will select a directory tree and put it in the layout, roxio had an option where I could right click the directory and search for *.bak, and it would find all those types of files. Then I could delete them from the layout. Does Nero have any options like this? I can't go and manually remove hundreds of *.bak files.

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    Go into File>Preferences>File Browser, and check "Display Files in the tree", and then you can use the extension filter.....

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    That helps to degree. But how do I remove all these files from the layout? In other words, the file tree on the left show all these *.bak files, but if I simply drag a folder they come with it. I don't think I understand how the "extension filter" works.

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