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Thread: New MOBO

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    New MOBO

    I am buying a new mobo today and would like some feedback on what board ya'all think would be the best.I need to be able to change the multiplier and the FSB!I will be using the same setup as the one in my signature. Looking hard at the Epox 8K7Aw/raid and the Asus A7A Haven't used anything besides the VIA 761 chipset yet so would like any info on what you think about the others?

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    Well, it;s interesting that you include the IWill KK266 in that list - the IWill is a PC133 SDRAM board, not DDR. You've got the AMD 760 right now - the Asus just isn't as refined as the other boards you listed. I'd recommend the EPoX - I'm pretty sure it's the best performing mobo of the bunch.

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    iwil kk266 i know im going to love it,j ust ordered it today, and the price too 112$ u.s. shipped, check it out on
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    I highly recommend the Epox 8K7A with or without RAID. Everyone I see who has this board loves it. Every review speaks very highly about it. Its just an all around fast and solid board. No reason to look elsewhere really.

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