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    Question dif between 8RDA+ and 8RDA

    what are the differences between the two boards, because i don't want to pay extra money for options that i don't need. will they give me the same O/C, or does one or the other have more O/Cing features? thanks for your posts ahead of time!

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    8rda+ has better sound,lan, and firewire ports.both overclock the same.
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    dawp is right, the 8rda+ has 6 channel audio as opposed to 2 channel on the non +, integrated lan and firewire ports. As far as I can tell, they both overclock identically.

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    I wish the 8RDA+ had dual nics. Oh well, guess that'll be on the 8RDA2+. And I'm hoping EPoX will make a BIOS that will allow you to adjust VDD just like on the 8RGA+.

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