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    Question problem with new system...

    currently built a new system at work, but when I hit the power switch it lights up for a second or two...and the shuts down. I can't say I've ever seen this before. Solution?? anyone??

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    It could be two (relativly) simple problems- either something isnt plugged in right (like memory or your PSU plug) or something is grounding itself... try taking EVERYTHING out of the case- place them on a table and connect the basics (power, video, CPU, HS/f, Memory) and boot up- if it posts then its probably grounding or shorting itself on the case- a solution is to use paper/thin card washers on the mobo.

    if there is no sign of booting (just a brief flash, a small moment of your HS/f whirring) then take off the memory and try again... if still no luck then try without the video card.

    I had that problem about a month ago- turns out my memory had popped out of the Dimm slightly and was easily solved>> just put it in again and cursed it to hell and back.

    If you can... try with a different Power supply too (suddenly thought- it may be a dodgy PSU or one that's underpowered for your system)
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    might be cpu, i had this same exact problem, ended up being my cpu..

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    What are the system specs?
    I've seen a similar probelm before but it ended up being the CPU Fan. It was a thermally controlled fan and the BIOS on the Soyo board would kill the power if the RPM of the CPU fan was below a certain speed.

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