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    KT7a// bad bios screwed up. What went wrong?

    Hi, I tried to upgrade from 3c to 3r and the "flash" itself went fine, but when it booted into windows, it searched for the via 4in1 drivers all over again. I just hit kept hitting next and let it search for them. Windows 98 found the first few and installed them it seemed, but then the last few wanted a file called or something similar..... I just said "skip file" because I didn't know where to find it. I figured if worse came to worse, I would just reinstall the 4in1 drivers. finaly started to boot into windows, and I get a "explorer.exe" failure, and the GUI never comes up. Just the light green wallpaper of windows and nothing else. Cntr alt delete brings up the close window but nothing is in there. A restart does the same thing.........I can't even boot into safe mode because I get the same Explorer.exe error in safe mode.....

    IN short, I reinstalled windows98 on top of the existing copy just so I could get "back in" to my system and save my important files, before I do a reformat, and reinstall. (which I now plan to do)

    But bottom line......can anyone tell me what went wrong so I don't go through this again. BTW......I upgraded my bios (original out of the box) to 3c with no problems. the transfer from 3c to 3r caused the above to happen. What happened?? Thks.

    PS....system was not overclocked at all.

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    Did you uninstall the via 4 in 1's before you flashed to the new bios? I just read that abit recommended that you do that then reinstall them afterwards.

    I'm not exactly sure if that would cause the problem you had, but it might have.
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