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    northbridge temp

    how i going to monitor the northbridge temp?as i know mbm5 only can monitor cpu and system any software to monitor?is northbridge temp same as mobo temp?

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    There is no onboard or built in nb sensor. You would need to get a external sensor, and it's hard to get it close enough to it.
    I'd just make sure that you got a good hs and optional (if OCing heavily) fan on it. Suggestions from good to best:
    Iceberg coper, crystal orb lapped and may need a bit of work to get the screws in or glue, Zalman passive nb heatsink with optional 40 mm fan, Water nb cooler. Many ppl also use a old p3 hs or similar with good results. MAke sure to use good thermal compound (as3, al3, or Nanotherm and apply correctly.
    If you want to use a sensor, make sure NOT to do place it in between the chip and hs, just try to get it in from the side and touch the nb, kind of hard to do, use thermal tape or epoxy thermal compound to stick it on there.


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