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    8rda+ & AMDXP 2100 Aiuhb 0301 kingston hyperx 512 MB PC3200 Probs to get higher mp

    Some questions I would like to have an answer are:

    1. What means the SPD mentioned in the bios memory speed?

    2. Is the latest bios the best and most stable or are there better (older) bios? (for ex. best bios for 200 and over .... )

    3. My pc runs @ 9.5 x 200 FSB very stable (Prime for hours and Sisoft Sandra), but when i switch to 10 x 200 fsb then the system isnt stable anymore in prime (it gets a direct fault in prime torture test). So i got problems to get an higer multiplier. more volt doesnt helped a lot to get my pc stable.

    Some specific settings are:

    ++ Memory @ 2.77 Vdimm 5 - 2 -2 @ Cas 2
    ++ Cpu @ 1.62 Vcore (higher than 1.7 doesnt work, because windows crashed then.)
    ++ There is no Vddmod still have standard 1.6

    Somebody have any clue whats the problem with my oc-adventure?
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    1 By spd in the bios means that your mem will be running @ what speed it's rated for. So ddr 400 will run @ 2 x 200.

    2 I haven't had to change my bios but I would only recommed it if you are having trouble with your current bios.

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    i am running now 200 fsb x 9,5 stable , but i cant get prime test 200 x 10 mp stable.

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