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    Tripped my PSU... Now I have a question...

    Only one of the fans on my PSU is working while it is tripped. Is this normal? The back one is off, the bottom fan is on.

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    Does it have a connector that goes to a fan header on the motherboard? Some have that fan controlled by the motherboard and/or a temp sensor.
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    Could be temp controlled (or as above mobo controlled), if you cant figure out from the specs:
    If it's old and not under waranty - open and check, - for a temp probe but could be difficult to find. If you can disconnect the fan from the mobo, just check the resistance of it, if its 0 or inifite the fan is dead, try to run it standalone (the fan).
    If you don't wan to open it, turn the PSU on (without mobo) and blow with a hairdryer in the hottest setting trough it, if the fan works it should come on after a bit.


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