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    Bios on ABIT BE-6 II

    I have a problem with the AGP and the PCI settings on my Abit BE-6 II. Im running a PIII 850@1003. My FSB is on 118 Mhz and the AGP setting is 1/1. Sisoft Sandra indicates the correct speed. I cant believe that My Geforce Prophet DDR runs on 118 MHz. When I set it on 2/3 then Sandra shows 79 MHz. 3Dmark2000 gives the same results for both settings.
    When I set the PCI devider on 1/1 or 1/3 or 1/4, Sisoft Sandra shows always 1/4. I tried the SH and the UH version bios. Both versions give the same readouts.
    I have tried Sandra 2000 and Sandra 2001.
    Is my mb wrong or is it Sisoft Sandra?

    System summary
    Abit BE-6 II motherboard PIII 850@1003 with standard cooler- 256 PC133 RAM - IBM Deskstar 20 Gb hard drive (udma66) Prophet DDR graphics card SB Live 1024 3Com networkcard ISDN adapter

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    It's Sandra/ it never was any good at reporting important stuff/ pay it no nevermind, and use the correct bios settings. Your agp card may run well now at 118/ but it won't in a month or 2....
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    I agree with Big Lar - Trust your BIOS, and set the AGP-divider to 2/3 NOW!
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    The reading of 79 MHz is correct for the divider of 2/3. (118x2/3=78.66). Since the AGP spec is 66 MHz, 79 is preferable to 118. You need to set the divider to 2/3 while you still have an AGP card that works. The new cards are able to handle very high AGP speeds, but 118 is so far out of spec, it can't be good for the card.


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